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Wideboyz 1 lectures - Century Crack

In 2011 myself and Pete Whittaker attempted to climb the world's hardest offwidth - Century Crack - in the grand old USA. The lecture tells the story of how two of the UK's keenest crack climbers spent 2 years previously, training in a damp cellar in Sheffield on 10ft wooden cracks in preparation for the biggest roof crack known to man.

You will learn about the early days of failure, the unusual training methods, the mad characters from the offwidth world and finally the details of the showdown in america where the route lay waiting. All is supported by award winning photographers Alex Ekins and filmmaker Paul Diffley from Hotaches.

Wideboyz 2 lectures - Slender Gentlemen

In 2009 we came up with the plan to climb Century Crack and "The Wideboyz" were born. We had little experience and no real track record of wide crack climbing, but within 2 years we'd accomplished our goal through a mixture of unique training methods, gruelling workout regimes and shear bloody mindedness.

After returning to the UK to rest and recuperate, we came up with a new plan. We would slim down the size from the widest cracks in the world to the thinnest! This lecture will take you on a tour of the world's hardest, from England, to Italy to Sweden and finally Canada. You will learn about our training secrets, motivations and adventures along the way to the final test on Cobra Crack, in Canada.

Wideboyz 3 lectures - Beards, Bagels & Bigwalls

A slideshow and video presentation of mine and Pete's latest adventures in the world of Big Walling. From the offwidths of USA, to the world's hardest finger cracks to crazy time based challenges... This was everything we needed to climb some of Yosemite's most iconic big wall lines. Or was it?!