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About me

First and foremost I am a trad climber, or perhaps an adventure climber. I love the challenge of the unknown in climbing and I think for me, that trad climbing satisfies this desire. I've spent most of my climber career establishing new routes either in the UK or abroad. Somewhere along the road, I fell into the niche of crack climbing and this is probably where I have had my greatest successes. I'm not sure that it's because I'm any better than anyone else at this, but more that no one else enjoys the pain!

As a professional climber I enjoy a range of working environments and it's great to wake up each day and know that the week ahead is likely to be very different from the previous one. I offer a range of services and also work with a number of brands, so please do have a look around my website and get in touch if I can help!

Brands and Sponsors

I work with a number of brands because I believe in their products and because they support me in my climbing goals. If you're interested in any of the equipment that I use, please contact me via the form at the bottom or click on the sponsor links at the bottom of this page.


I have been lecturing regularly since 2011 and have presented at film festivals, outdoor events and private clubs around the world. These presentations are a mixture of humour, motivation and realism with the backdrop of professional photography and award winning film footage. Further information on previous events, lecture content and testimonials can be found here.


In the last few years I have specialised in writing periodised training plans and carrying out physical assessment for elite climbers, which is probably my main passion outside of crack climbing. Whilst I've supported some of the best climbers in the UK with plans, it is most importantly the hard work and dedication of the individual that leads to success. I am there to support and make that process more efficient. If you are climbing 8a+ or more and wish to evaluate your future plans, please get in touch.

I am now also offering dedicated and tailor made training plans to remote clients who wish to pursue their climbing through the grades of 7a to 9a. You will receive many of the benefits that my elite clients receive, but with the levels and time requirements adjusted to meet your lifestyle and goals.

Climbing Walls

I am an owner of The Climbing Station in Loughborough, which is now in it's third year - just a mere toddler! It has been a fantastic process (if somewhat tiring at times) to grow this business and connected community of staff and customers over the last few years. Whilst I set many of the routes and boulders for this wall I do also from time to time do freelance route setting.


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