Blokfest Mile End

It’s been a little while since my last post and I’ve been training hard again. As I said last time I have started a new training plan to focus on strength in my shoulders and back as this is currently

The good, the bad and the mind….

Over the last few weeks since my last post there has been quite a bit of change both good and bad. Simply I’ve competed in a couple of comps and started a new training plan all very exciting! The indoor

Fontainebleau and BLCC’s

Fontainebleau & BLCC’s So it has been a while since my last update and a lot has happened. As said in my previous post i’ve recently moved back to London to pursue my career in UX design, now as a

A Year In Chamonix

Wow what a year….. Last May I was fortunate enough to land a freelance contract working in Chamonix, France and what a year it turned out to be. In brief I have never climbed outside so much in my life,

Finally 8a…… and Beta-men!

It’s been a long time coming I feel but finally a couple of weeks ago I managed to send my first 8a…… or did I? The crag is a place called Balme de Yenne and it is near Chambery in


So it’s been a fair old while since i last posted anything and wow so much has changed in life!! As you know from my previous posts i’ve just recently moved out to Chamonix in France for a new job.

Reflection and looking forward

It has been a pretty crazy last few months what with job changes and moving back to my parents to get stuff ready for the big move to Chamonix France. Training has definitely taken a back seat a little as

All change…

Over the past six months life has be rather hectic. I’ve been completing an internship in London as a start to my professional career. Internships are notoriously under paid and this isn’t helped by the outrageous expense of living in

Blokfest, CWIF & Injuries

It has been a very busy last few weeks for me. Not only has there been a load of competitions going but it has also been the last few of my internship in London and I have been busy trying

Rab Superbloc Competition

The weekend just past was the Rab Superbloc Competition at the Telegraph Outdoor show. The competition saw the top UK competitions boulders battling it out over semi’s in the morning and finals in the afternoon. The second day was filled